Chocolate for the Food Service Industry

For more than 150 years, Callebaut has been devoted to the essential aspect of chocolate making. The Company has only one objective – to produce chocolate and chocolate related products of World-Class quality. In this way, Callebaut has built up an outstanding reputation in the chocolate industry.

Callebaut is well known amongst those in the trade who have a constant need for top quality products. Around the world, chocolatiers, bakers, ice-cream factories, chefs and caterers of all kinds are eagar to use the Callebaut products for their unique creations.


CAS CLD3 Supreme Dark Chocolate 70% (calets) 1blk 1.5kg
CAS CLD1 Classic Dark Chocolate 57% (calets) 1pkt 1.5kg
CAS CLD2 Classic Dark Chocolate 57% (block) 1blk 2.5kg
CAS CLM1 Classic Milk Chocolate 36% (calets) 1pkt 1.5kg
CAS CLW1 Classic White Chocolate in calets 1pkt 1.5kg


CAS-VSC Soft Cake Coating 1can 10kg
CAS-VSD1 Versa Compound Dark in buttons 1box 10kg
CAS-VSD4 Super Dark Compound in Block (new) 1blk 2.5kg
CAS-VSM1 Compound Milk in Block 1blk 2.5kg
CAS-VSW1 Compound White in Block 1blk 2.5kg

Chocolate Chips

CA-CC02 Compound chips dark (chippits) 1box 12.5kg