Since 1981, we have been committed to striving for excellence in everything we do to make our products the benchmark of quality. The essential values that have guided us over the years remain the same: the respect of nature, preservation of authentic flavors, and a commitment to professionals.

As we have succeeded in meeting the strictest demands of the food industry, we have remained just as accessible to all of you who share our values and our taste for quality.

We owe these results to the people who have taken part in this adventure, which over the years by some remarkable alchemy has united producers, distributors, chefs and food professionals.

Today we are delighted to be able to share our achievements, the fruits of our shared commitment to high standards.

On the strength of its 30 years of experience and knowledge in fruit, Ravifruit offers you the best fruit that nature has in store, grown on our land with all respect for the essential values:
- the authentic taste of the fruit
- respect for nature
- service and absolute quality.

Ravifruit goes one step further and offers not only high-quality products, but also innovations and customer service.

New products and concepts are launched on a regular basis so that catering professionals are always at the forefront of the newest trends.

In a sector of activity where creativity makes all the difference, Ravifruit has a team of pastry chefs who are always available to listen to the professionals and give them ideas for recipes and technical advice.

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