Mona Lisa chocolate cups and decorations bring a world of color and texture to any of your desserts. Our product line is comprised of a variety of innovative fine chocolate products which are distributed worldwide. Founded in 1987 in Salinas, California, we quickly found success and growth eventually relocating to a larger facility, in Hendersonville, North Carolina, where we are still located today.

In 2012, Mona Lisa was acquired by Barry Callebaut, the global chocolate leader. Our unique range of products is found in many segments within the food industry including in-store bakeries, hotels, restaurants and industrial commissary bakeries. We offer products in foodservice, retail and cash & carry packaging. With our unparalleled designs and flavors, Mona Lisa customized products will give the desserts on your menu that extra “wow” factor.

All of our cups and decorations are produced using only the finest quality, all natural chocolate. Food safety and quality assurance are very important at Mona Lisa and to ensure this, we follow HACCP guidelines. In addition, we participate in and exceed standards set forth for by our annual BRC audit.

We are continually growing and expanding our creative line of cups and decorations to provide our customers with truly the most inspired and unique products. With Mona Lisa, let our products innovate and decorate your creations!

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