Unigrà operates in the processing of food oils and fats, margarine, and semi-finished products for food production, especially in the confectionery market.

The company was set up in 1972 by Luciano Martini. Over the years, it has developed its own mission to produce items for a highly specialised, professional market, which ranges from the big food industry to artisan clients in the bakery, catering, and ice cream markets.

The success of Unigrà is based on clear, winning ideas: finding and managing raw materials, technologically advanced equipment, high skills, and the constant search for quality.

Unigrà is today one of the leaders in Italy and has also developed its own presence in over 90 countries worldwide.

For some years Unigrà has set up its Hong Kong and Singapore offices to focus on the promotion of its products in the Asian markets.

Unigrà has always considered as a priority the development and diversification of its production capacity and constant technological modernisation. The company has continuously updated plants, systems and programmes for production which, together with the wide diversification of products, have determined strong company growth.

There are six different production units running in the Unigrà factory, real factories that are aimed at six different production areas:
• raw material refining and treatment
• fractionation of fats
• production of margarine and packaged fats
• UHT treatment for the production of vegetable creams and ice cream bases
• production of chocolate, chocolate substitutes and spreadable creams
• production of mixes and improvers for confectionery and bakery

This widespread, diversified production capacity allows Unigrà to meet its clients' requests, with 'tailor made' products for large-scale industry and a wide range of products, divided by variety, size and shape for the artisan customers.

Unigrà is one of the few companies all over the world that can offer such a wide range of products, whose high quality is the policy of the company.

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