Pre-Mixes For Cakes

KOM2011 Gourmet Cheese Cake Mix
Premix for baked cheesecake, provides better shelf life and stability
1 bag x 10kg
KOM2003 Gourmet Brownies
Premix for a typical American brownie with a moist and dense crumble, excellent shelf life
1 bag x 10kg
KOM1026 Honey Cake Mix
Premix for ginger bread cakes and cookies
1 bag x 15kg
KOM2008 Pound Cake Vanilla
Premix for fruit cakes and densed cakes
1 bag x 10kg
KOM2005 Magic Muffin Vanilla
Premix for delicious and moist muffins with a very soft crumb and a good shelf life
1 bag x 10kg
KOM2004 Chocolate Muffin Soft
Premix for chocolate muffin with a dark and soft crumb
1 bag x 10kg
KOM2006 Black Soft
Premix for chocolate cake with superb taste and moist texture, exceptional long shelf life
1 bag x 10kg
KOM2007 Jogosoft
Premix with a yoghurt taste and moist texture, contains egg
1 bag x 10kg
KOM2009 Yeast Raised Doughnut
Has the characteristics of a light donut with low oil absorption
1 bag x 22.68kg
KOM2012 Cake Donut
Premix for easy donut preparation with a long shelf life
1 bag x 10kg
KOM2010 Sponge Universal
Premix for easy and economical fine sponge bases with a long shelf life
1 bag x 25kg