Pre-Mixes For Cake And Sponges

KOM1001 Gourmet Brownies
premix for typical American style brownies. Very moist and dense crumb.
1bag 10kg
KOM2008 Pound cake Vanilla
premix for the preparation of cakes & muffins with fresh taste. Without the fruit topping sinking into batter.
1bag 10kg
KOM2005 Magic Muffin
Premix for easy preparation of delicious American Muffins.
1bag 10kg
KOM2006 Black Soft
Premix for the preparation of cakes batters with superb taste & long shelf life.
1bag 10kg
KOM2007 Jogosoft
Premix with yoghurt for the preparation of moist slices and other types of madeira cakes.
1bag 10kg
KOM2009 Yeast Raised Donut
Premix with eggs for the preparation of a light doughnut with the typical characteristics of this fried product known from the U.S.. Low oil absorption
1bag 25kg