Pre-Mixes Bread & Roll

KOM1001 MS Choice 6 Grain 35
Concentrated premix with sour for special bread full of seeds for a healthy diet.
Contains 6 different cereals as well as linseed & sesame seed : Wheat, Rye , Oat, Barley, Corn, Millet.
1bag 25kg
KOM1004 Nordlander
Premix for the preparation of rye & wheat bread with Sunflower seed. Very long shelf life and strong rye-malt taste.
1bag 25kg
KOM1005 French bagutte 10
Concentrate for original French Bagutte. Produced according to the original French recipe. Original French Baguttes have a nice crust, an irregular structure and a special flavour.
1bag 10kg
KOM1007 Ciabatta 5
Concentrated premix for an international speciality bread known as Ciabatta or Cebeta. Long shelf life because of the special recipe and dough making process.
1bag 10kg
KOM1008 Soya Bread 30
Concentrated premix for whlesome bread with ryeflour, linseed, sunflowerseed & apple vinegar.
1bag 10kg
KOM1010 Pain de Campagne 50
Concentrated premix for french country style bread. Only add wheat flour, yeast and water.
1bag 25kg
KOM1011 Paradise Crust 50
Concentrated premix for wholesome bread with rye flour, linseed, sunflower seeds and apple vinegar.
1bag 10kg
KOM1012 Painfort / Rye Flour
Premix for the preparation of an aromatic rye / wheat bread with an excellent shelf life and a fine taste of sourdough.
1bag 10kg
KOM1013 Kraftbread 50
Concentrated premix for the preparation of a special bread. Kraftbread has a mild malt taste and an excellent shelf life.
1bag 10kg
KOM1018 Wulzerbrot 20 (root bread)
Concentrated premix for the preparation of wheat bread & rolls with an incomparable taste, exceptional shelf life and rustic appearance.
1bag 10kg
KOM1022 Sweet Soft 20
Concentrated premix for the preparation of a wide range of products which include hamburgers/ hot dog rolls, sweet bun doughs, brioche, Butter yeast cakes, berliner, etc…
1bag 10kg
KOM1023 High Fibre’ n Grains 50
Concentrated premix for the preparation of High fibre bread.
1bag 10kg