Pure Origin Couvertures

Savour Callebaut’s Origine chocolate and you’ll explore the origins of extremely rare, precious cocoa. From Grenada to Papua, Callebaut has sourced the best beans and captured their most subtle aromas in exceptional chocolates.

Every Origine chocolate is made with an aromatic cocoa bean variety from one single country or region around the equator. It emits the flavours and aromas of tropical fruits, flowers, herbs and spices, typical for the soil, climate and environment where the cocoa was grown.

Incorporated in pastries, dessert and bars, tablets, pralines or other confectionery items, Origine will definitely add a whole new dimension to the chocolate experience.

CAC-EQU Ecuador Dark Chocolate 70.1% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-MAD Madagascar Dark Chocolate 66% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-GHA Ghana Dark Chocolate 60.4% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-ARI Arriba Milk Chocolate 39% cocoa 1pkt 3kg

Chocolate Pure Origin Couvertures (Available on indent only)

CAC-MEX Mexico Dark Chocolate 72.2% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-PAP Papua Dark Chocolate 70.1% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-SAO Sao Thome Dark Chocolate 70% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-VEN Venezuela Dark Chocolate 66.1% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-JAD Java Dark Chocolate 64.9% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-PER Peru Dark Chocolate 64.1% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-TOG Togo Dark Chocolate 61.3% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-GRE Grenade Dark Chocolate 60% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-JAM Java Milk Chocolate 32.9% cocoa 1pkt 3kg