Giandujas & Pralines Paste

Callebaut selects premium grades of hazelnuts and almonds of Turkish and Californian origin. They are roasted, ground and caramelised into the fine, homogeneous nut pastes and pralines with the authentic taste Callebaut is renowned for.

Nut pastes and pralines are great taste makers. A slight addition will already give crèmes, bavarois, glazings and confectionery fillings an intense hazelnut taste.

Furthermore, these nut products are perfectly compatible with chocolate and guarantee perfect end results.

Callebaut’s gianduja’s and hazelnut creams combine fineness and convenience. These mixtures of chocolate and hazelnut paste are ready to use: just cut them or beat them into an aerated filling. They are also perfect for flavouring crèmes, bavarois, pastry interiors,… Gianduja’s contain around 30% hazelnuts and 70% milk or dark chocolate. The hazelnut creams contain around 40% hazelnuts and 60% milk or dark chocolate, and are therefore slightly softer in texture and paler in colour. Both gianduja’s and hazelnut creams make a great filling in moulded pralines or can be enrobed after cutting.

Giandujas – fine & tender

CA-GIA D2 Hazelnut Gianduja Dark 1blk 5kg
CA-GIA Hazelnut Gianduja Milk 1blk 5kg

Pralines Paste

CAC-PRA Hazelnut Paste (50% hazelnut 50% sugar) 1pail 5kg
CAC-PRAMA Almond Paste (53.7% hazelnut 46.3% sugar) 1pail 5kg