Finest Selection Couverture

Experience the exceptional taste sensations offered by Callebaut’s Finest Selection. This new generation of chocolates promises an unequalled intensity in taste and a truly exciting variation of fine aromas.

Especially for its Finest Selection, Callebaut has blended aromatic cocoa beans from different plantations and regions into unique chocolate recipes.

Explore these chocolates and discover their refined character.

Callebaut’s Finest Selection is a dream for each professional‚Ķ and for the chocolate lover.

Chocolate Finest Selection Couverture (Available on indent only)

CAC-KUM Kumabo Dark Chocolate 80.1% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-SAT Satongo Dark Chocolate 72.2% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-AMA Amapucha Dark Chocolate 69.5% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-FOR Fortina Dark Chocolate 65.1% cocoa 1pkt 3kg
CAC-OTO OtovaloDark Chocolate 65% cocoa
A mix of strong milk & creamy white chocolate with the flavour of Honey
1pkt 3kg