Decorations & Service Items

Discover the unique properties of these unique Callebaut specialties.

Once experienced, they will definitely become a regular and reliable companion in your workshop.


CA9-D Split 9-D chocolate splitters (2.7 – 9mm)
Dark chocolate small flakes with a unique shine
1bag 5kg
CA4-D Split 4-D chocolate splitters (4mm)
Dark chocolate large flakes with a unique shine
1bag 5kg
CA-ICING White icing & Décor paste 1pail 7kg
CA-PEA Chocolate Pearls 1bag 1kg

Service Items

CA9-DP Paillete Feuilletine – finely crumbled biscuits 1box 3kg
CA-LATE Choc. o.late (ready-to-use chocolate essence) 1pkt 1litre
CA-CMD Chocolate Mousse Dark 1pkt 1kg
CA-CMM Chocolate Mousse Milk 1pkt 1kg
CA-CMW Chocolate Mousse White 1pkt 1kg
C-CM Mycro Butter 1pail 1kg


Chocolate Flakes
Chocolate Mousse Powder
White Icing & Decor Paste