Colored & Flavored Couverture

You can use coloured and flavoured callets for the widest range of applications.

For melting, pre-crystallising and cooling just follow the same processing instructions as all our classic milk and white chocolates

Chocolate Finest Selection Couverture (Available on indent only)

CAC-LTC Lemon chocolate
Lemon taste & green in colour
1pkt 3kg
CAC-STC Strawberry chocolate
Strawberry taste & pink in colour
1pkt 3kg
CAC-OTC Orange chocolate
Orange taste & colour
1pkt 3kg
CAC-CTC Caramel chocolate
Creamy milk chocolate with real pure caramel
1pkt 3kg
CAC-CPC Capuccino chocolate
A mix of strong milk & creamy white chocolate with the flavour of Italian Cappuccino
1pkt 3kg
CAC-CHC Honey Milk chocolate 1pkt 3kg