Coatings & Fillings

With their advanced composition, there is no need to temper these coatings: simply melt, apply and cool directly!

They don’t harden, don’t crack, are easily to cut and therefore are ideal for creating a soft glaze-like texture on biscuits, confectionery etc.

CA – N16 Fondante (chocolate filling paste)
Extra bitter chocolate flavour with 5 % hazelnut
1pail 10kg
CA – N05 Nocciola (hazelnut filling paste)
Chocolate paste flavour with 10.6 % hazelnut
1pail 10kg
CA – V21 Extra Bitter (bitter cocoa coating)
White chocolate with sweetener
1pail 10kg
CA – VOO Bianco (white chocolate coating) 1pail 10kg
CAC – CO White Coconut Flavoured Filling 1pail 5kg
CAC – MOCCA Mocca Filling 1pail 5kg
CAC – AM Brown crème witth Amaretto Flavour 1pail 5kg
CAC – OR Brown crème witth Orange Flavour 1pail 5kg
CAC – MF Milk Filling 1pail 5kg
CAC – WT White Neutral Tintoretto 1pail 5kg
CAC – CARAMEL Caramel Filling 1pail 5kg
CAC – B13 Compound Coating Dark (replace for Pate-Glace Brune) 1pail 5kg
CAC – GAN Chocolate Fill (Ganache) 1pail 5kg
CASD1002 ICE- 45D (ice-cream coating dark chocolate) 1pail 5kg